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This is a BIG deal! Finding the right person to be there to capture your big day. You know it's very valuable, but might not have budgeted a lot to cover it. We’ve listed our starting prices to give you a baseline. Contact us for a custom quote to get everything you want. We are easy to work with! We want this to be a good fit for all of us.


Let us create a custom quote for you!
Not all weddings are the same. We’re happy to give you a custom quote so you get everything 
you want. Call or text 713-818-3771 to schedule a free consultation to design a photography experience that will authentically preserve your memories.

Call for our specials!


Our passion is artistically telling YOUR STORY. You deserve the very best with beautiful filming and great audio that brings out the emotions of your day. We incorporate natural audio since it's the best way to really feel that you are there again. We capture all the action, so just relax and enjoy your day without any worries.

Videography starts at $1800 and includes full ceremony, full toasts and first dances, and 3- to 4-minute highlight.