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Are you stuck deciding whether or not to choose video for your wedding day? We have been filming weddings since 2004. A long time! We hear the same thing over and over — “Having Sweet Spirit film our wedding was the BEST money we spent!” It warms our hearts! We aren’t all full of ourselves, but we know that our brides and their families consider our films to be absolutely “priceless.” (Dang. We should have charged more!)

But isn’t photography enough?

Photos are awesome, but video brings you back into the moment. It’s alive. It’s real. We use a lot of natural audio, so you really feel like you are there again experiencing all the emotions.

A recent Huffington Post article highlighted that “one-third of recently married folks actually wish they spent more money on this one thing: a videographer.” As time goes by, our work certainly does get more valuable. Hearing your parents or grandparents talk. Seeing them dance. Experiencing the laughter, tears, and other emotions in the vows, the toasts, and other special moments.


We stay positive with our words. We don’t want to tell a bride that she will regret it later for not doing video. Sometimes it is at the bottom of the list before the wedding. Then the minute the wedding has ended (or the exact MOMENT something incredible or unexpected happens), video jumps up to THE MOST important thing on the list!

Some clients think they’ll just have us film the ceremony in order to save money. When you’ve been planning each element of your big day for months or years, don’t you want to have a way to remember ALL of it? (One of the hardest moments of our time as wedding videographers was when we were hired to just film the ceremony. It was so difficult to walk away from the church and NOT go to the reception to capture all those memories.)

Is it too late?

We usually get booked for video anywhere from a couple months to over a year out. We have occasionally been booked the NIGHT BEFORE! (We don’t know of any other industry where there is so much indecision so late in the game about an aspect of a wedding!) If we are available, we will do it! However, the more we get to know our clients and talk to them about the elements that are important to them, the BETTER our films are.

Experience our trailers, highlights, and short films and see for yourself! https://vimeo.com/sweetspiritfilms